Friday, May 18, 2012

Facebook IPO Falls Flat

The introduction of Facebook onto Wall Street began with a flop.  As the opening trading day came to a close, the share price for Facebook was back where it started, at $38.00.

I have personally witnessed activity from my Facebook friends steadily declining over the last year.  It seems like people are not as interested in sharing their daily activities as frequently as they once did on the dominant social network.  Have people started to spend more time on Twitter?  On Google Plus?  On Pinterest?

How will this lack of activity play out as we move forward?  I have a feeling Facebook will have a hard time growing from here on out.  As a result, I am not planning on purchasing any shares of newly minted IPO.  Not that I would buy single shares as I believe in buying a vast selection of companies and investing in the long haul.

Where do you think the share price will head next?

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