Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Why Create Scripts for Money Blog

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Why create another blog?  I have several reasons why I am going to take the time to start another blog.  This will not be like any other blog I have created so far.  It will be a place where I will consistently post articles about money, articles about what I enjoy, articles to practice what I can do, articles to teach.   Articles to help you reach goals and learn.

Not only will it include articles, it will include scripts.  Scripts to learn, scripts to teach, scripts to make money, scripts to help eventually keep my wife at home with out kids.  Scripts to help you reach for the goals you have in your life.

Scripting experiments, thoughts about money and the world, scripts to make money to support my family, articles to help you learn how to script and make money.  Articles for you and me to learn more about God. 

Come along for the ride, it is going to be an amazing journey!

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